Testimonials of Yisroel's Live Performances:

One of the most beautiful performances I have been to in a long time.

Aaron B.

Wow, wow, wow! Simply magnificent.

Sharon S.

Yisroel's voice and melodies transports you to a different world. And a beautiful world at that.

Yaffa L.

Totally inspiring and transforming music.

Moshe R.

Yisroel sings with such heart and soul.

Shira D.

A perfect interaction of live and recorded music. I was astounded with the simplicity and beauty.

Rebecca K.

Testimonials for Yisroel's debut album "The Narrow Bridge"

I have been listening to Yisroel's music for the last three days where ever I go, in the car, in the house, when I go outside. Totally beautiful!

Betty N.

Such inspiring and relaxing music, and the melodies are beautiful!

Sarah C.

Everything from the vocals, the instruments, the arrangements, and the melodies themselves are done beautifully, and with absolute perfection.

David T.